Do You remember, how we laugh when we have met?
Starting to smile already 100miles away
Do You remember, how we cried when we had to leave?
Not knowing when we will meet each other again
These beautiful days i will never forget
This beautiful days will always stay,
in my memories

In my memories
Where we dreamed of our future life, together
sharing our deepest secrets, whatever
Colored our life in different colours
while we immortalized our names on tables
What did just go wrong?
Why did we lose sight of each other?

Tears are falling
I cannot see you anylonger
Come back to me ( back to me)
Come back to me ( back to me)
I am not ready to let you go
I want to hold you tight again
Just for a last time…

Time change people
That’s the lesson i have learnt
But I never thought you will change too
I thought we will stay together, forever
In good and bad times, however

Now, we are Standing at the same station
Waiting for our trains to bring us far away
Without saying anything
We walk past each other
Far away, In separate directions…


Just for a last time
I want to talk to you
Just for a last time
I want to laugh with you
Just for a last time
I want the old days back
I would do anything for one last time

Tears are falling, they are falling
I just want you back
Holding you tight
Just for a last time…

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  • Hey my Dears,
  • this is a song, or a story I wanted to share with you about the lost of a deep friendship.
  • me and my friend were 6 years close as sister after she left me
  • I tried to get over the pain with writing this song and I know I am not the only one who use a friend so I thought to share it with you
  • feel free to direct me or critize me or just. tell me you story.
  • about honest opinion I would be really happy!
  • You are not alone, I am here and will listen
  • until then...

with love...

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