I've always believed that music is inspirational and the best thing of it is that you can use that inspiration for so many different things. It could be for writing a story, drawing or even writing new music.
I decided to write this article thank to that inspiration, so I want to help find the same inspiration as I do while I listen to music.
Here is my playlist for inspiration:

  • Moonlight - Ariana Grande.
tree, fall, and autumn image Image removed moonlight, wallpaper, and moon image ariana grande image
  • Floral & Fading - Pierce The Veil.
aesthetic, flowers, and Lyrics image aesthetic, alternative, and blossom image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
  • Almost - DNCE.
almost, alternative, and grunge image dnce image catch, me, and shadow image lover, lips, and love image
  • Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly
beautiful, corazon, and heart image aesthetic, baby pink, and Lyrics image Temporarily removed Image removed
  • No. 1 Party Anthem - Arctic Monkeys.
arctic monkeys image arctic monkeys, Lyrics, and music image alex turner, am, and arctic monkeys image dance, light, and party image
  • A Bible Of Mermaid Pictures - Sofia Karlberg.
girl, sea, and ocean image Image by Nadine falling and sky image beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image
  • Riptide - Vance Joy.
aesthetic, beach, and ocean image riptide and vance joy image girls, indie, and Lyrics image music and vance joy image
  • Luna - Zoé.
Image removed Image by Mel luna, music, and zoe image band, banda, and mexico image
  • Meet Me In The Hallway - Harry Styles.
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, corredor, and hallway image Harry Styles, harry, and styles image
  • Don't Let Me Go - Heffron Drive.
love, couple, and hug image art, neon, and neon sign image aesthetic, alternative, and brown image kendall schmidt, btr, and heffron drive image
  • Flares - The Script.
quote image band, boys, and dan image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image flares image
  • New Beginning - Astrid Holiday.
beginning, outdoors, and scotland image Image removed Temporarily removed girl, guitar, and nature image

That's it. Hope you enjoy this article and that it helps you find the inspiration you've been looking for.