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Hello there, here we go: my first article.
I'm here on we♥it from many years and I really love to share with you my fave pics, this really motivates me a lot.
So, for now, I decided to show you some of my fave collections here on we♥it, that come from my profile.
Everyday I'll going to update some of them, and when I have the time to sit on my desk and to work on a real and more substancios article I'll update also the relative collection.

Collections (fave)

on the road is one of my fave collections. That represent to me the idea of journey alone or with some very special friends.
Roads are in my mind the metaphor of the life journey, they're a big source of inspiration.

nature' son, always
About this collection I have no words, because the pics speak for themselves: the Natural Beauty, that's what you'll find.

magnifiche creature means in italian ''magnificent creatures''. Here you'll find lot of animals, beasts and so on and most of them are wild.

other collections

My first article ends here, I'm sorry if the content is not very substantial. I promise that the next time I'll treat a much more interesting argument.

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