All the rivers by Dorit Rabinyan

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a story about an israeli woman and a palestinian men who fall in love in the streets of new york and how the conflict back in their mainland affects their relationship
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it's a beautiful and heart breaking story, it's beautifully written, and appart of the inherent drama of their relationship it's a really passionate love story.
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"How do I describe him now? Where do I start? How do I distill the first impression created in those few distance seconds? How do I extract his finished portrait, composed of layer upon layer of color, back into the pale, hasty pencil sketch that my eyes drew the first time they landed on him?" ...4/5 stars...

El Alma al diablo by Marcelo Birjamer

i don't know if it's translated, but the title would be The soul to the devil.

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it's set in argentina in the 50's in a little jew neighborhood in Buenos Aires, months prior to Mordejai's barmiztba the inhabitants of the blocks haunted house return with many secrets and an interesting story.
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i read it when i was still in 9th-ish grade (i don't remember) and it was slow at the begining but once the story starts you get in to it really's really bautiful and the is a reason for the name of the book that breaks your heart...the biggest acomplishment of this books are its characters so if you can find it in english or read it spanish you won't regret it.
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"it's foolish, the one who tries to erase his scars instead of reading them" "sometimes it seems to me like nothing wrong has ever happened in this world" 4.5/5

The hate u give by Angie Thomas

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the books follows 16 year old Starr and her struggles after she witness her friend being shot by a white police officer.
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its beautiful, about empowerment, justice and finding your voice, i think it does a great job in dealing with this issue, especially with Starr, i like how she says that everytime she watch in the news a case like that she thought she would speak out until she was heard but when it happened to her she just got was realistic and made her more's great book, worth reading.
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“Pac said Thug Life stood for 'The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody'.” “You can destroy wood and brick, but you can't destroy a movement.” 4.5/5

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