Hi everyone! This is a list of things I want to experience in my life. Enjoy!

1.decorate for Halloween
2.make a fall dessert
3.dress up for Halloween
4.buy a maple Starbucks drink
5. watch fall movies

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6. travel to Rome and Italy
7. Go to Victoria Again
8.Travel to Poland
9.Travel to France
10. Travel to Greece
11. eat poutine in Canada
12.swim in the ocean
13. go on a road trip through California
14.go to Kyoto's most isolated restaurant
15. go to a pride parade
16. go to Disney world

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17.find more pins for my kanken
18. dress nice 5 out of 7 days a week
19.become really good at makeup
20.thrift in Seattle
21.buy a new joyln bathing suit
22.wear whatever I want

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23. go to Coachella
24.go to a twenty one pilots concert
25. listen to music in the morning
26.meet an idol
27.go to more concerts

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28.release songs on icloud
29.have an album
30. learn more songs
31.practise 5-8 hours a week
32.sing in public
33. be the lead in a play

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34.go to states
35. make championships in USA swimming
36.swim in collage
37. beat a few high school records
38. learn to dance
39.run 6 miles every Sunday
40. plank 5 minutes again
41.start boxing
42. take a yoga class
43.do body weight training 3 times a week

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44. get 8-10 hours of sleep every night
45.eat healthy 80% of the time
46.drink lemon water
47. have a morning/night routine
48. stop stress eating

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49.spend thanksgiving at my grandfathers house
50. fill my wall with photographs
51.have more sleepovers
52.go camping with my family
53. have more picnics
54. make more friends
55. go on bike rides with my mom and my friends

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56. be more optimistic
57. learn to love myself the way I love others
58. stop comparing
59. complement someone everyday
60. be friendlier
61.be less shy with my passions
62. tell people how much I love them
63.give out more hugs
64. be more supportive
65. except my sensitivity

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66. start a YouTube channel
67. get really good at doing nails
68. watch "the shinning"
69. have a sweet sixteen party
70.have perfect skin
71.learn to drive
72.have a fern tattoo on my back
73. buy more plants
74. take more pictures
75. have a large tea collection

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76. read the Harry Potter series
77. read "turtle all the way down."
78. read "the sun and her flowers"
79. publish a book
80. finish "Sunday Market"
81. write 1000-1500 words a day
82. become a better writer

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83. get A's in my classes
84. pass finals
85. do running start
86. have a 3.5-4.0 GPA
87. finish my bullet journal
88. become better at drawing
89. learn more about art

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90. be in a high school relationship
91. marry
92. go to a drive in theater on a date
93. go to a coffee shop on a date
94.hold hands in the cold
95. fall in love

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96.graduate high school
97. go to collage
98.become a art historian
99. live in a city apartment when I'm young
100. live in a Victorian house when I'm old
101. complete all of my goals!

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