Hii there! This is my 1st ever article I've been wanting to write one for soo long now.

Let's get started. Here are some fun fact or whatever. Hope u enjoy it xo

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1. My sodiac sign is Aries
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2. I live in Europe (Hungary)
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3. Music: -> well I listen to different geners /just to list some singers/band: Michael Bublé, Sam Smih, KISS, Billie Eilish, Khalid, Maluma, Alessia Cara, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Bishop Briggs, Bruno Mars, Bruno Major, CNCO, Drake, Eminem../
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4. Future goal: I would like to help people, my goal is to be a Personal Trainer.
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5. Biggest dream: Travel around the World
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6. I would like to have so many foreign friends so I can get to know every segment and piece of the world.. I think this could teach me/us so much that teachers/school can't.
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7. Countries I've visited: .Italy .Croatia .England .Transylvania .Czech Republic .Slovenia .Hungary (obv) .Slovakia

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Thanks for reading, means a lot. xo, Doroti