so it has been a hot minute since i have been active on WHI however i am trying to get back on top of that. sometimes i just wish WHI articles could be mobile so that for someone like me who is constantly on her phone I could write pieces from there for you.

anyway over a year ago I started writing two of my all time favourite pieces ever: my future children names part 1 and part 2. since then i have made more articles about some of my favourite names and so forth.

however i thought it was time for an update to see if any names have changed since a year ago.


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1. Phoenix Samuel
2.Elijah Hudson
3. John Delaney
4. Arlo Gray
5. Waverly Walker
6. Beckett Donovan
7. River Lee
8. Billie Earl
9. Easton Rhett
10. Gunner Wyatt
11. Joseph Trevor
12. Dallas Carter
13. Lincoln Reed
14. Dawsey James
15. Zachariah Abel


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1. Noora Emelia
2. Deliah Sage
3. Ophelia Neve
4. Bea Marie
5. Sienna James
6. Nova Pearl
7. Penelope Grace
8. Kingsley Ann
9. Laney Mae
10. Astrid Rey
11. Rie Grace
12. Billie Ann
13. Elisa Lively
14. Adaline Grace
15. Rosemary Willow
16. Aurora Ivy
17. Ryleigh Mae
18. Lennon Rose