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It's my second article today but I didn't do yesterday so..

3.Describe your relationship with your parents.

This is a hard question.
Get start with my dad..

Dad:So my parents divorced after I born and when I was I guess 5 years old my dad moved avay to an other country far away,and after that he came to us rarely sometimes,and it was hard to me as a child,I cried a lot and when I was 14 I wanted to build a better relationship with him,but he did't work on that much so after a little time I started to say everything is his mistake and I was mad at him and I didn't want to talk to him,but now our relationship is good,and I know I can count on him anytime and everything has a reason. So I love and I've alwas loved my dad as much as it possible.

Mum:We have never been a strong relationship and now it is quite weak. I mean I love my mum. She's my mum. But out relationship got harder nowadays.I hope we will be all right.

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