It was difficult to choose the songs, but I'm here!

A - airplanes, 5sos

Image removed girl, hair, and travel image

B - bring me to life, evanescence

amy lee, band, and evanescence image autumn, black and white, and Halloween image

C - cake by the ocean, dnce

dnce image summer, nature, and ocean image

D - diane young, vampire weekend

vampire weekend and yellow image alternative, nature, and pale image

E - eleanor rigby, the beatles

the beatles, beatles, and yellow submarine image beautiful, ocean, and orange image

F - fuck you, lily allen

girl, lily allen, and pretty image Temporarily removed

G - girlfriend, avril lavigne

Avril Lavigne image amour, mariage, and hob image

H - halo, beyoncé

beyonce knowles, queen b, and mrs carter image boy, angel, and aesthetic image

I - if i could fly, one direction

Image by Lola animal, cute, and bird image

J - just dance, lady gaga

Lady gaga, blonde, and ladygaga image Temporarily removed

K - kicking & screaming, all time low

Inspiring Image on We Heart It meme, monkey, and funny image

L - love, hope and misery, jake bugg

jake bugg and jakebugg image Image removed

M - moonlight, ariana grande

Temporarily removed moon, night, and sky image

N - nevermind, foster the people

music image aesthetic, grunge, and Nevermind image

O - on top of the world, imagine dragons

Image removed colorful, wallpaper, and brush image

P - photograph, ed sheeran

ed sheeran image Image removed

Q - quero ser feliz também, natiruts

reggae, positive vibe, and mpb image beach, brazil, and sunset image

R - runaway, aurora

aurora and aksnes image city, photography, and travel image

S - still into you, paramore

paramore image fashion, style, and aesthetic image

T - terrible love, birdy

birdy, edit, and portrait image aesthetic, concert, and heart image

U - ultraviolence, lana del rey

lana del rey, lana, and aesthetic image purpose, ultraviolence, and justin bieber image

V - very nice, seventeen

dino, jun, and svt image flowers, architecture, and art image

W - wish you were here, pink floyd
X - x, system of a down

Image by ꒰ᐢ⸝⸝•༝•⸝⸝ᐢ꒱ଓ⸒⸒♡˚₊✩ cool, purple, and rock image

Y - you and me, soja

concert, jacob, and milano image Temporarily removed

Z - zombie, the cranberries