This looks fun so here I am so you guys can get to know me better.

I know I haven't been active on we♥it as much anymore as I am mainly on Pinterest and Tumblr so make sure you go follow me on there :)
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A is for age, I am currently 18 years old.

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A is also for adventures and recently I have really wanted to run away with a new friend to a new country or area surrounded by mountains and pretty autumn trees to go hiking and drink warm hot chocolate in a cute log cabin. Any takers?

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B is for Books and boys

My favourite books of all time are
Harry Potter by JK Rowling,
The Book thief by Markus Zusak,
Paper Towns by John Green,
any Nancy Drew book by Carolyn Keene,
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and
This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.

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And my favourite boys are Joe Sugg, Louis Tomlinson and his husband Harold Edward Styles and the hilarious Brendon Urie.
There are too many reasons to name, they just make me so happy.

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C is for cats
I currently have 4 cats and they are my babies

fat cat and cat image funny and cat image sleep, sleeping, and cat image cat and fatcat image


D is for Dancing (and not what you're all thinking of, Ya Nasty!)

I have been dancing my whole life. I began as an infant always being upside down and literally on my head but I officially began dancing at the age of 2 doing ballet as all young girls do. I soon began modern as I grew older however that didn't last too long as Ballet was more of my passion. I continued with ballet until I was 9 after beginning pointe for only a short time, at quite a young age too. However despite the many hours I spent with my dancing family I still had so much energy couped up inside and was still constantly upside down and on my head, my ballet teacher suggested I begin Acrobatics and that is were I fell in love.
I began Acrobatics immediately and Continued to the age of 16 where I competed in the national championships 3 times, twice winning my age
Unfortunately I stopped competing in 2016 as School and leadership was beginning to be too stressful. I did continue to teach acro and I can't see myself without dancing in my future.

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Sorry this was such a long one. I really do love dancing.


E is for Education and my studies.
This year I am finishing School in November and I am currently applying to different universities to begin studying in January.

I love Biology and studying human anatomy and how our bodies work so I was definitely drawn to the medical field, however Medicine is so difficult to get into I am also looking at other research degrees and I am very interested in Radiography which is the job of taking X-rays and other scans to help doctors.

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I can't wait to begin studying and get out of school!!


F is for Friends and I would not be who I am today, possibly even be alive if it weren't for them. I love you guys and I am forever grateful for you.
Its so amazing to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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F is also for food because the is the one and only love of my life that will never disappoint. I am also very fortunate not to have any allergies because who can survive having an allergy to chocolate (sorry mom) and only don't eat a few things like eggplant (honestly if you like that shit you are something else, it was sent by Satan.)

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G is for Girls because girls are so cute, funny, clever, strong, smart and I love girls.

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G is also very importantly for GREY'S ANATOMY, The best and worst show ever created.
It introduced me to medicine and sparked my love for anatomy and medicine so in 5 years time we can blame Meredith Grey for my eternal pain :)

grey's anatomy and grey's image doctor and medicine image blue, couple, and greys anatomy image grey's anatomy image

and it's the worst because if you have watched the show you understand that Shonda Rhimes is a piece of work sent from hell to ruin our lives every Thursday night.


H is for Harry Potter, Hannah Montana and Happiness.
That's the first thing that came to mind so ... yeah.

H is also for Hayley Kiyoko, who is thee Lesbian Jesus and an Inspiration to so many people. She is so caring and appreciating to anyone she meets and I have never found someone that I connect to on such a personal level. We are so similar and I would do anything to go to her show and meet her. I just want to be her Best Friend.

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hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image

I mean, can we appreciate how beautifully gorgeous she is!


I is for Infections which have constantly. I think my immune system is broken because always have a cold or flu, a chest infection or sinus infection. Basically my lungs do not work.


J is for Journalling,
This year I created a bullet/art journal where i have just written things down when I have the emotion and motivation and drawing and sticking in pictures as well as writing lonnnnggg rambles of a life update in times when I hadn't done anything in a while as well as monthly favorites.
it really does help declutter your mind and get things off your chest if you cant tell someone (or like me already have a broken chest lol.)

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K is for kisses and not a shocker but I haven't had my first kiss yet,
*The entire internet gasps*


L is for Lollipop which is the first nickname I received from my dancing teacher when I was 4 and it has stuck with me ever since.

candy, sweet, and lollipop image


M is for months, it has taken me months to write this article.. literally I started it in May!

but more seriously M is for memes and I have seen the funniest memes of my life recently as I'm writing my final exams and after the papers so many memes have been made!

Image by lauren paige ward biology, evolution, and natural selection image biology, exam, and memes image biology and geography image
I'm not sure if you'll understand all of that but its hilarious to me :)

M is also for mash and macaroni and cheese, the best food ever created!

How could I forget!!!
M is most importantly for MUSIC!
I simply would not survive without music, melody is the essence of human life♥

black, cassete, and headphones image

There is simply no way I can explain all my favorite types of music but I love nearly all types, only 90's and Rap irritate me beyond my sanity. However I love 80's hits, most pop* and alternate/rock and indie.


N is for Netflix and my current favorites right now is Gilmore Girls, Insatiable, Gypsy, the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, F.r.i.e.n.d.s and Atypical.

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I love these beautiful people.


O is for One Direction. I don't even need to explain myself.
I invested so much of my life into these 5 boys who made my life whole. I have no shame in saying I know almost everything I could about these boys and I am so proud of everything they have have achieved in and outside One direction and I'm so proud of what they had to endure over the 5 amazing years. It must have been so tough and I think a lot of us don't realize how much work and exhaustion it must have been to create 5 albums in 4 years and tour almost all of them (I'm Salty, MITAM deserved more than it got) as well as being 16/17 when they started and having to deal with massive changes in your life, financially, socially and emotionally. Its a lot and I'm so proud of you.

louis tomlinson, louis, and one direction image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image zayn malik, zayn, and one direction image wallpaper and liam payne image niall horan, one direction, and niall image Image by JCP

I am also very proud of us Directioners sticking through unhappy promo seasons, Modest! Drama, Babygate and not getting tickets to concerts but others providing us with videos on YouTube, You guys are the backbone of the fandom and we appreciate you! The Awards we fought for, The feuds we've had to defend ourselves in.
We are so strong!

And to others who don't understand what I've just written, it may look crazy to you but to me these boys have saved my life countless times and its out of passion and love that am able to defend myself and my boys that I love.


P is for Photography.

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I've done Photography for my school for the past 5 years and its been the best time of my life. I've made so many friends through photography and we've had so many laughs and I'm so happy that I decided to do photography

pressclub girls image

My favorite type of photography is candid portraits and Sports photography because you are able to capture a moment that's hows true emotion, one we may never see again and freeze it forever.

Cameras are a beautiful invention, thank you Nicéphore Niépce

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Q is for the Quadratic formula which I unfortunately know off by heart

X= -b± √b²-4ac/2a

The most useless piece of info I had to learn in math when some of my friends had calculators that could work out the factors without having to type that stupid formula out a million times into my calculator.

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R is for Running.
This year I started running for an athletics club in my area and the cross country team at my school. I'm definitely not a natural runner but I'm trying my hardest.

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My Personal best for 4 km is 24 minutes and the longest run I've ever done was a 10km in 1 hour 5 minutes which I'm really proud of as I came 2nd in my age category.


S is for Style.
I love looking at clothes on we♥it and pinterest and my boards sure tell it with well over 10000 pins! And if I had any wish in the world it would be to own those clothes in my wardrobe.
I wish I was talented enough to design or make my own clothing but alas I was not given those jeans (genes, get it? lol okay, I had to make at least one pun in here)

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I love comfy clothes most of all and the more looser baggy clothes rather than tight fitting tiny crops but each to their own.

S is also for South Africa, this beautiful country I live in!!

home, south africa, and proudly south african image
africa image ocean, sea, and travel image africa, beach, and blue image Temporarily removed africa image Image by Sara Jonsson


T is for Times up. Its times up for everyone and everything in this world.
This year was supposed to be a good year, a year of change, a year of positivity.
Times up for Gun related Violence all over the world, not just in the USA.
Times up for Hate Violence and Discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.
Times up for Gender Discrimination and Inequality.
Time is up for Non-environmentally friendly energy sources & products.
Time is up.

timesup image


U is for upside down.
I live my life upside down for most of the time and I have had so many bloodrushes to the head, It doesn't hurt anymore.

dance, gymnastics, and ballet image

Life is better when you look at things from a new perspective. Try upside down sometimes.


V is for a Vacation.
I really want to travel around the world as soon as I am finished studying and have the funds to do it.

girl, hair, and travel image book, sky, and travel image

I really want to visit Canada, New Zealand, Scotland (Edinburgh), Ireland, Brighton, Barcelona, Nice, Thailand and I would love to go back to Germany and Salzburg but in winter this time.

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W is for Winter. Its my favorite season because
1. I'd rather be cold in 10*C than hot and sweaty in 35*C heat.
2. I love snowy winter countries, its so beautiful when it snows
3. I love dressing in warm winter clothes like boots, coats and jerseys under jackets. The more layers the better, I was born to be a snowman.

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X is for X-rays, I've never had one besides dental X rays for my braces but I expect that I will be seeing a lot of them in my future in medicine/radiology.

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Y is for Yes!
This is the first tattoo I want to get and it is motivated by the Yes Theory which is a group of Guys from the USA who created a Youtube channel and have grown very popular spreading their message of saying yes to new adventures and making your life a life that you would be proud of like saying yes to more adventures, more experiences, to being a better person and not worrying about tomorrow.

yes, no, and light image tattoo, yes, and oh yes i can image


Z is for Zodiac Sign.
I am a Gemini which is the sign of the twins, I am not a twin but I find it very Ironic because My younger sister and I looked identical when we were younger and we were always asked if we were twins despite our 3 year age difference.

aesthetic, edit, and gemini image gemini image

Wow that took Forever!!
Those of you that actually read until the bottom, Congrats that was an inside view of my messed up brain,
Got to go now and sleep off this killer migraine,
See you soon!

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