Hi everyone(atcually one people read the erlier post soooo...)
I didn't had time for a couple days to write and I think I won't have too much time for it,but I hope it don't bother anybody(that one person)

2.Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.First and the biggest:FIRE
So fire is destroy everything and I've always been afraid of it,'cause we got everything what we have hard and I was afraid,if I lost it all,how could I recreate all that things?

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2.Get lost
I had a lot of nightmare of get lost and it was terrible . If I'd lost at a different country without all my stuff and money and I'd known nobody I'd hardly know what to do.

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3.Being child again
Ok it's sound kinda weird and I think it's impossible,but I think if I'd wake up as a child one day I'd be suicide,because I can't take all that suffer again what I had gone through.

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So this was my 3 biggest legitimate fears.
Tank you for reading this