so if you dont know me, im em! nice to meet you & you should dm me! i hope to do a monthly favourites when i get the chance.

pen pal letters!

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i recently stumbled on a video about this, and i decided to try it. i love it! its so fun getting letters & responding so them. my favourite things to receive are long letters and tea. now that it is the holiday time, ask your internet friends if they might want to start this with you, if not make a post, a lot of people seem to be interested in this!

my bujo

planner, school, and study image

i started this in 2018 as a resolution and it has honestly been one of the best things i have ever decided to do! this photo is actually my bujo, and my favourite things to do with it in calligraphy, and write about my day!

succulents & cacti

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my school gives these out for free, so i take them. it looks so cute in my bedroom!


nails, blue, and rings image

i just LOVE jewelry (in general), and rings are no exception. i recently go this small silver dainty ring, and i can't take it off.

yoga & meditation

Mature image

i really like just getting into my zone and practicing some yoga. i also try and meditate every morning. this really helps me relax & feel good!

golden turmeric latte

coffee image

I recently stumbled upon this. it is so good! to make mine, i just put about a cup of almond milk on the stove (whichever milk you use should work), some vanilla extract, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of black pepper. it tastes amazing, and looks really cool too!


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i drink this every morning. i just LOVE tea. my personal favourites are green tea and chai!

dadju 🎶

bob marley, clip, and retro image

i speak french but i was rarely into french music until i stumbled upon "django". this song is AMAZING! i really like his slow, smooth, modern, style.

thats it for now! if you want to check out my articles, I'll leave them below!