this article is in fact written from personal experience and i hope this helps

1. Muting
- i know it's very hard not to check up on your crush at least daily lmao and id encourage you to unfollow/unfriend them but in some cases it's a friend and it is not possible so you can mute them on every social media even just for a bit because they can be hard to look at and maybe try to avoid conversation for a bit ( eg. mute their ig story and posts )

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2. Pay close attention to other people you find attractive
- i cant stress the importance of crushing on other people , it's very important to try your best to move on even if it feels like you never will.

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3. focus on what you DO have
- this means putting more energy into people such as friends and family and hobbies you love doing to take your mind off it

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4. vent vent vent
- i regret not venting as much about this, you can vent to your close friends that know or even just write it down in say; your phone notes

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5. most important, focus on yourself
-it's completely alright to like yourself alot more and know your worth and to feel like deserve alot better even if issa cliche, practice self care!!

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