Hi and hello my beautiful pumpkins! For today's article I've decided to write this kind of article cause I know how it is when you just don't have any inspiration and especially when you need it. So here are some tips on how to get some:

1. Get some time to be alone

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The main thing that I've learned while being off of WHI and without my technology is that your brain kinda gets crazy because it got used to having something to do thats not actually any work when we think we don't have anything to do. So here is my tip: try to stay alone for certain amount of time and free your mind. Take this time to relax and daydream, think, read or just sit or lay down and let your mind do its work.

2. Go out

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By yourself would be the best way. Look at the world around you while going for a walk. It's healthy and it really helps with lack of inspiration. Look around, pay close attention at everything, how people are dressed, how do you think they're feeling by their look at their faces etc. Just look around. You're definitely gonna get SOME kind of inspiration. Try it out.

3. Read

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So I think this is the main key to get some inspiration. By reading, your brain starts thinking intensively and you start paying attention on certain things. Your brain kinda goes wild after reading and while, cause it gets ideas right away and you're overloaded with thoughts. And your vocabulary is getting better.

4. Get off of social media for a day

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I think this should be a challenge if it already isn't. But anyway... Try to take some time off of social media and technology in general. You'll find yourself doing some stuff you never thought of doing. Your brain is smart, its gonna find a replacement and quickly. You're gonna be so inspired without it, because on it there is tone of things that just don't really let your brain think for itself and relax, cause there is so much bullshit and stuff thats distracting you from your thoughts. So thats the reason when you have been a whole day on your phone you can't fall asleep cause your thoughts just start coming up, cause they haven't been able to all day. So give it a rest.

5. Start writing your thoughts down

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I suppose we all have a million thoughts over a day but we don't really give it that much of a meaning. Whenever you think of something cool and smart (it you think it is) write it down. Whatever crazy idea and thought goes trough your mind, write it down, cause it's not gonna stay forever in your mind.

6. Listen

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You have no idea how important this is. We have the ability to hear things and understand meanings but we don't really care about it. I mean, yes we do hear things every time of our life, but we rarely really listen. If you're talking to someone about something that is something you care of you listen, right? But you still jut wanna get a word as soon as it pops up to your mind and thats the time where you stop listening. Then its all about you talking, and what they're saying is not that interesting, cause you have to tell your side too, right? But try to listen tho. The nature too. Cars. Voices at the night time. LISTEN, don't just hear.


So there you go my lil pumpkins. Those were some things and tips that really help me when it comes to lack of inspiration. Hpe they help you too.

Lots of love