Abusive image

petty feelings
pointless meanings
this toxic society
fueling my anxiety

holes in my chest
and i can't rest
as the bullets from your gun
blow through me for fun

the breathless feeling sinking in
and the line is thin
between life and death
merely a single breath

and i drown
losing my idealistic crown
as i sink further away
from the light of day

darkness encases me
and i can no longer see
as i fade into sweet oblivion
and the rest of the world carries on.

water swirling in my lungs
a silent scream rolling off my tongue
as i fight for survival
only hoping for a revival

but no one seems to care
as my heart continues to tear
i sink to the bottom
like a leaf that falls in autumn

help me please
and my heart begins to freeze
knowing i'm alone
the thought chills me to the bone

down my face stream hot tears
screaming my greatest fears
but they avoid eye contact
and refuse to react

save me i beg you
i continue to sink into the deep blue
and i realize the light vanished
i am banished

not meeting the standard
i am slandered
for the imperfections
and they demand corrections

to be made to my entirety
as well as propriety
but they cannot do anything
as i feel death ring

i close my eyes
saying the unexpected goodbyes
so goodbye
as i ascend to the place in the sky

- by @Mae_Mae_18

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