☀ eye color

Image removed eyes, eye, and makeup image eyes, eye, and brown image eye, eyes, and light image
light brown or medium brown

☀ natural hair color

ash, asian, and bob haircut image girl, korean, and asian image
medium brown

☀ favourite k-pop group

aesthetic, group, and people image bts, jin, and v image
ı love every k-pop group but,BTS is my one

☀ favourite color

city lights, jimin aesthetic, and kpop theme image black, breathe, and quote image quotes, love, and grunge image Temporarily removed

☀ zodiac sign

Mature image alternative, cyber, and dark image

☀ favourite food

food, picnic, and grapes image food, noodles, and asian food image aesthetic, food, and brown image Temporarily removed
Korean Food

☀ favourite animal\s

wolf, forest, and animal image Temporarily removed dog, cute, and animal image dog, animal, and puppy image
Wolves and Shiba İnu

☀ languages I speak

aesthetic, book, and Turkish image quotes and words image
Turkish And English

☀ favourite movie

the conjuring and horror image Abusive image the conjuring 2, lorraine warren, and ed warren image ghost, horror, and movie image
The Conjuring Series

☀tv show

Image by _idonut_care_ dean winchester, halloween costumes, and october image protection, sam winchester, and demon image dean winchester, gif, and sam winchester image

☀favourite season

picture, travel, and autumn image autumn, fall, and witch image fashion, style, and aesthetic image autumn, fall, and leaves image

☀where do you want to travel to?

aesthetic, dark, and places image aesthetic, korea, and seoul image france and travel image Temporarily removed

☀which song always cheers you up?

Temporarily removed Image removed checkers, cheer up, and edit image twice, mina, and nayeon image
Twice - Cheer Up

☀is there a fantasy world you would like to live in, if so, which one ?

Image by tenderlygirl harry potter, aesthetic, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed Image removed
harry potter's world

☀lucky numbers

building, corner, and house image numbers, b&w, and photography image

☀Im a evening person

dark, grunge, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark, and city image Image removed Temporarily removed

☀favourite youtuber

aesthetic, tumblr, and white image aesthetic, thailand, and travel image aesthetic, tumblr, and white image aesthetic, swimming pool, and tumblr image
Joan Kim

☀I am interested in archery

arrow, archery, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed arrow, archer, and archery image arrow, archery, and bow image

☀I prefer sunset

sunset, orange, and beach image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed sky, sunset, and grunge image

☀Im a Once and Im in love with Twice

twice, mina, and sana image Image removed twice image momo, twice, and mina image