If you don't already use a jade roller, you're going to want to start after reading this article. Jade rollers have SO many benefits for your physical state, as well as your mental state. Continue reading to see why our editors at We Heart It SWEAR by jade rollers. #WakeUpJadeRoll

You’ll shine brighter (literally)

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Jade rollers provide skin “drainage”, basically causing the lymphatic system’s process of natural detoxification. In other words, a jade roller gets your blood flowing beneath your skin causing an actual visible glow. Jade rollers also generate an increase in circulation that can get rid of those pesky fine lines on your skin.

You can say hello to sculpted features

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Jade rollers tone slackening muscles, which means cheekbones without the makeup. Score!

Your designer bags under your eyes will disappear

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Sure, drawing LV under your eyes on Instagram Stories is funny sometimes, but we're kind of getting over it. Your jade roller will help de-puff and get rid of those bags!

You’ll really start seeing the results from your beauty products

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Jade rollers can be used in sync with your other beauty products. In fact, after using your favorite skincare product, massage your face with your jade roller. Your products will absorb more deeply into the skin.

They just feel so dang good

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You’re massaging your face with a cool, smooth piece of stone. What could be better than that? Let your stress melt away with each roll!

Watch our favorite beauty babe, Marianna Hewitt, show you how to use a jade roller.

PLUS shop our favorites below! Bonus: these make the best gift for the holidays!

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1. The Detox Market - Dual Action Jade Roller - $44
2. Skin Gym Jade Facial Roller - $32
3. Gracious Om Jade Roller - $24
4. BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller - $60 (rose quartz works just as well as jade!)