First thought about my insecurities: Damn thats gonna be a long list.

We all have them.
and we think others dont have.

Well, they have. And i am ashamed that when I see a girl with thicker thighs my brain screams "eww".
I fucking hate society for that because when i look in the mirror i see someone with the same thick thighs.
With the same fat belly.
With the same small boobs,
With the same strech marks.
With the same cellulite.

Temporarily removed

I used to be skinny and hear everday damn day:

"you are so skinny eat something, honey."
"you are only bones and skin. Go eat at McDonalds"
"of course you dont have boobs thats because youn are too skinny. Eat something more than just salat"
"well I am sure you have an eating disorder."

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Now I gained some weight and I hear so often:

"you well uuhm became so curvy"
"do you go to McDonalds everyday? Go workout!"
"you sure dont fit into your old jeans"
"now you have boobs but you also have fat legs and a fat ass."

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Any remark you make about somebody elses outward apperance is your subjective opinion.
So please if you feel the need to say something about someone else let them know its your opinion and not a fact.

Because damn if thats the opinion of that jerk in my physic course than i the fuck dont care but if you make me feel like the whole words hates how i look than i get self-conscious.

I hate sizing because yeah its true i dont fit into my XS Jeans anymore. Those times are over. Everytime i notice that i dont fit into my usual jeans size i start googeling. I start googeling if the brand changed their sizing. They never did but society says wearing a size medium is "okay- but not perfect" but wearing a size L "damn your fat".

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I would love to love my body just how it is.
But thats not easy if the society shows you who is perfect and who isnt.
But thats not easy because the models who wear a size S are plus size models at AmericasNextTopmodel.
But thats not easy because so many people think they have the right to judge about what i look like.

To end this article i wanna quote something:

"The perception of beauty is always a moral test."
-Henry David Thoreau