Soooo usually I tend to leave this article until the end of the month and wrap up all the music I've been loving that month but it's only the 14th and my playlist is already 122 songs long oops.

So this month I thought I'd split my recommendations into two playlists if you want to see more recommendations I will leave a link to my Spotify and other music articles at the end of this one. :)

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Album of the month: Origins - Imagine Dragons
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New Artist of the Month: Grace Carter
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Concert of the Month: Sigrid

1. Without - Jack Savoretti
2. Spider's Web - Jamie T
3. Plot Twist - Sigrid
4. Stay Tonight (Demo) - Tom Odell
5. Amigo - Chef Special

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6. Sex - The 1975
7. Shrike - Hozier
8. Like Everybody Else - Lennon Stella
9. Better - Winterbourne
10. If I'm Being Honest - Dodie Clark

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11. Dawing - DMA's
12. Recovery - Retro Video Club
13. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears For Fears
14. Naked - Ella Mai
15. Find Me - Kings Of Leon

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16. I'll Still Have Me - Cyn
17. You're Not Alone - Astræa
18. Machine - Imagine Dragons
19. Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
20. Golden Brown - The Stranglers

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21. Wednesday - Good Morning
22. Home - Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros
23. Eternal Youth - Rude
24. Why Her Not Me - Grace Carter
25. Settle Down - The 1975

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26. Her Tears (Live at Voldelkerk) - Bears Den
27. Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club
28. Fake Friends - Sigrid
29. Vanishing - Bryan Adams
30. One Step at a Time - Jordan Sparks

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Come back at the end of the month for the rest of this months recommendation (or keep up to date with the playlist on my Spotify):

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