If you live in Canada like myself, you'd know that outdoor running season is coming to an end... * cries profusely *. However I will live because I have a membership at a local gym * cheers!!! *. I still do not think I am prepared for the months ahead... Cold weather and winter can lead to a lot of things:

  • snow
  • snow making my car immobile
  • me being to lazy to clean the snow off of my car and go to the gym
  • me going back in my warm house
  • me sitting in front of my fireplace
  • me sitting in front of my fireplace with a cup of tea and a pack of cookies

It is sooooo easy to lose every ounce of motivation in the winter and become immobile. I don't blame you for wanting to stay in all day in your pajamas while watching Grey's Anatomy!!

Below are some motivation tips of how NOT to find yourself in the Winter Slump.

Take the Bus

I'm a university student which means that a bus pass is included in my tuition for school. I take the bus to campus EVERY DAY. So if I'm too lazy/tired to clean the snow off of my car, I'll just take the bus!

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Buy Cute Workout Gear

When I say buy cute workout gear I don't mean raid the entire Gymshark website... I AM TOO POOR FOR THAT. I buy a lot of my workout clothes from department type stores like Marshalls, Winners, and even some cute shirts from Walmart. I do buy some more expensive pieces of workout gear but only when I can afford it!! Having cute workout clothes and accessories is my biggest motivation for going to the gym!

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Set Goals with Rewards

If you are super competitive like me, winning makes everything so much better. Setting goals is an easy way to compete with yourself in order to have the feeling of success, and if you're up for it, some rewards too.

I like to set jars to put money in, in order to budget. I have jars for clothes, Christmas presents, Vacation and Wants. "Wants" includes anything that I see while window shopping and urge myself not to buy or something that I can't afford at the moment. Every time I go to the gym I put anywhere from 2-5 dollars in the jar. The amount usually ranges from whatever I can find in my wallet. Once I have enough money to buy something that I want, I use it, knowing that I worked hard for it!

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Find Fitness Videos and Posts

Something I really like to do at the gym is watch fitness videos while on the treadmill. Even when I watch them at home it makes me want to go to the gym. I also save posts from Pinterest and We Heart It with workouts so that I always have something to do.

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Invest in At Home Equipment

If you don't have a gym membership or plan on getting one any time soon then it's a good idea to get some small pieces of equipment for your home. This eliminates the need to leave your house and no excuses to not workout. Some places that have decently priced workout equipment are: Marshalls, Winners, Walmart and possibly Target but I'm not sure because we don't have Target in Canada...

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