“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself!”
-George Bernard Shaw

Getting older is something that we can’t stop. From year to year, you have more responsibilities and you have more and more to do, your free time is getting less and sometimes it sucks.

Sure it’s also really cool and exciting. But let's do a real talk about growing up in these years.

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Every day we have to decide about many things. Simple things like what we want to wear and eat but also more difficult things like questions about our future. And somehow a lot of people expect us to know all the right answers to these questions.

But why should we know these answers? We’re teenagers and young adults that only want to figure out what we want to do with our lives and not the reasons for others to judge us.

There are too many things that we should do/ can/ be.

“Where you see yourself in 20 years?” This is a question that lets me freak out a bit. Why should I know it? Sure we all have dreams and goals but this doesn’t mean we have a worked out plan!

I mean we can’t be all good at everything. It would be really worse if it would be like that. It’s good so how it is! Some people are good at math or chemistry other in writing or singing and sometimes there are people that can do all of this.

And let me say your not trash or bullshit! You’re beautiful and on this world for a good reason- it’s your only life you live so stand up and make it to your best one!

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AND then there also the “expectancies” from our generation- like being on all social media sides and having a ton of followers or having a boyfriend- being cute and cool at the same time and also looking at a fashion model.

I mean I would love to have a gay best friend instead of a boyfriend.

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But somehow we’re all searching for the same things.

  • People with them we can stay up late, talk and laugh
  • People that are there for us in every situation
  • A place that we could call home

Being a teenager is the age where you experience things. The time where you find out who you are and what you like and the time where you should build your own character. Even when you’re going through some stuff- it will get better!

It should not be the age where you get bullied for stuff you like or for being yourself! People should more think about what they’re doing and saying!

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We have enough to do with ourselves and we don’t need extra bad words from the outside- what we need is a helping hand!

Sorry if we’re doing something wrong but nobody taught us how to do this- growing up.

This article was written by @timasiarose on the We Heart It Writers Team