Mental health is one of the most important things to me. Aside from the fact that I have anxiety, a lot of my friends also have mental disorders. It is clear that being lost in your overwhelming thoughts and feelings can affect the seemingly littlest parts of your life. On some days, waking up or talking to people are major challenges. That’s why today, I’m sharing the Grounding Exercise – a little mental exercise that I found online and began putting into practice. I even switch it up sometimes to assist in whichever way I need. Feel free to use it to quiet your mind and regain focus when things get too heavy to bear.

I call it just that, "The Grounding Exercise" and it (usually) involves the five senses. I keep it as simple as possible because when reality seems like a distant dimension, you really can’t remember any rocket science, haha! The steps are below.

  • Name five things that you currently see and then close your eyes (to avoid distractions).
  • Name four things that you feel/touch (e.g. “the softness of my cardigan”, “my notebook”).
  • Name three things that you hear.
  • Name two things that you can smell.
  • Name one thing that you can taste.
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  • The above-mentioned steps can also work if you’re recalling your favorite things as opposed to things in the present. Reaching to deep parts of your memory to find your favs in conjunction with closed eyes can work well in situations where there isn’t a lot happening, for example, in an exam room.
  • Sometimes, in addition to a quiet mind, you need comfort, confidence and/or reassurance. I tend to swap a sense or two for something like “name three good things you love about yourself”, “name two people that love you unconditionally” or even “name five things that you are endlessly grateful for”.
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Thank you for reading. I really hope this helps you or someone you know in one way or another. Feel free to message me to let me know if it worked!

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional but I care. If you or anyone you know is plagued with mental disorders, please seek professional help. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Always remember that bad things do not last forever, you are not alone and you are loved. A lot more than you think.

This article was written by @thisismybliss on the WeHeartIt Writers Team.