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Hey, cuties! In this article, I am gonna share all my tips on how to get the perfect photo. Since I started my Instagram account, I am getting more and more into photography. Btw, I am taking all the pictures with my phone, so the camera is the last thing you have to worry about.

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Personally, I find the background to be the most important element of the photo since it sets the whole aesthetic and ties everything together.
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◆ Explore the city you live by going for walks with your friends, discover new places such as cute coffee shops, vintage looking buildings, cool scenery etc. Be open-minded, think creatively and look at things from different points of view.
◆ Remember it's all about what's in the frame.
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◆ I suggest finding the background first. Use your background as inspiration for your outfit, your poses and the mood you wanna set up.
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Get that lighting, girl! Trust me, with the right lighting you can take your photo to a whole new level.
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◆ Prefer taking your photos in the morning or at least before the sun starts going down.
◆ Always face the light. Don't stand behind it.
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◆ Play around with shadows.
◆ Take advantage of the golden hour to get the perfect selfie.
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The most important thing here is to be aware of your body type so you can find what works for you.
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◆ Have 3 signature poses that work for you every time.
◆ Search for inspiration and save your favorite images on your phone in case you need them.
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◆ Before you start taking photos, run a quick test-drive by taking 5-10 photos. This way you will have an idea of how your photo looks like and what you need to change.
◆ Try to change your pose every 10 shots so you can have a variety of photos to choose from.
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◆ Don't overdo it. Sometimes all you need to do is act natural and have fun.
◆ Play around with elements from your background such as leaves at fall or you can use an object such as a coffee cup, your phone etc.
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That's the hard part. Not everyone is naturally photogenic but with a little bit of practice, you can do it.
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◆ As cringy as it sounds, practice in front of your mirror so as to find your right angles and work on your expressions.
◆ Just like with your poses try different things. Look around, smile, close your eyes, play with your hair, be silly.
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A.k.a you best friend!
◆ Ask someone who makes you feel comfortable to take your photos such as your bff, your sibling or your bf/gf.
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◆ Show to the photographer some photos so as to help him get the aesthetic you are going for.
◆ Ask the photographer to give you some directions through the shooting.
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We are gonna talk in depth about edit and all the editing apps I use in my next article. It will go up this Sunday, so stay tuned!

That's it for this article! Hope you got some inspiration. As always feel free to send me a message or a postcard! See ya soon xixixi ❤

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