As everybody has something that makes them joyful in their everyday life, I for myself also have some "little things" that make me smile and make my day easier. And most of the times it's God's way of showing me how He loves me and how He sees every detail.

So I decided to list a few things which make me happier.
Maybe some of you will find yourselves in this article and it will put a smile on your faces.

Enjoy! :)))


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My favourite are socks with animal motives. I can just wear them and think this tiny animal is looking at me.

Childhood books

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I love re-reading books, especially those from childhood. They bring so many good memories.

Wild animals

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It makes me extremely happy when I see some wild animal in the nature.


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There is nothing better in the middle of a stormy and rainy day when the sun starts shining and the rainbow shows up.


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When there are cupcakes at some party, you can see me right infront of them eating what I can.


animal, cat, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image dog, puppy, and animal image Image by Lucian
Whether it's at my friends house or just a strangers animal on the street, I have to at least pet it (since I don't have my own :((( ).


coffee, cafe, and drink image book, coffee, and cosy image coffee, nature, and aesthetic image coffee, brown, and dark brown image
I love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, preferably with a good book and a nice view.

Walks in nature

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The best long walks are when the earth smells like rain and it's a little brisky outside.

Smell of old books

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Every time, before I start reading, I have to smell the book first.


room, bed, and bedroom image bed, light, and morning image forest, landscape, and magic image aesthetic, nature, and tree image
When I am having a rough day and the glipse of sun starts shining through my window, it's like a piece of hope.

First snow

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The one thing I enjoy about the winter the most is the first snow.

Random encounters

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Nothing can shine through my day brighter than a friend. A random meeting on the street or in a bus with someone who I haven't seen for a long time is the best.

I hope you liked this article.
I wish every one of you to stop once in a while and enjoy every detail, no matter how small it may seem. Live your life to the fullest! God bless you all. :)