I've always wanted to adopt children. I wasn't sure I wanted my own. When the opportunity came about to take care of Marley and Aria, I was all in. It worked out well because I'm a doctor. I work long hours. It was good that they were already older. Sydney was relieved we shared the same opinion on becoming their guardians. I never once regret it. I know that we can give them the best lives. In this world, you need a lot of money and resources, and I am well equipped in that area. Sydney is a caring and empathetic woman. She'll make a great mother. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else. Sydney will be my wife one day. I'll make sure of it. I don't allow her to work. I enjoy being the breadwinner. Coming home to her everyday is all I could ever ask for. She says she doesn't want me to resent her and that she doesn't need me to take care of her financially, but I want to. This makes me happy. And I make her happy.

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I walked in from work and put my briefcase down. I was undoing my scarf when Marley quickly walked over to me. Marley is more reserved. She's mature and rather introverted. Aria is more outgoing and fiery. I love both of them. "What's wrong?" I asked.

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"It's Aria...she's in pain....there's something weird going on with her body...," she explained. Good thing there's a doctor in the house. A special doctor. A doctor that rarely treats humans. I followed Marley into the bathroom upstairs. Sydney was wiping blood from Aria's hands. Ahhh she's a dragon.

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Aria turned around to look at me. "Will I be able to change back?...why was it so easy to change into a dragon when I was younger?" she sounded worried. "This is completely normal. Take into consideration you were a very tiny person when you changed into dragon form. Now, you're an adult which means you're a larger dragon. This is the most painful it'll be. I assume this is your first time changing into an adult dragon," I explained. She nodded. "Let's go to the yard. You're going to transform completely. You'll want to fly around," I said. ~ thank god you're home ~ Sydney thought to me. Marley was standing in the doorway watching. I went outside with Aria. Marley's a witch. She's very new to her craft. "Are you in a lot of pain?" I asked Aria. "Not really...it's just uncomfortable," she explained. A few minutes later she was in dragon form. She was large.

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She was flying around the yard and above our castle. This was breathtaking. Marley and Sydney joined me and watched her in awe. I wrapped my arm around Sydney. "She's beautiful," she said. "She is," I responded.