Hey everybody!
How was your day? Mine was just an average one, I just had language classes so It wasn't very hard at all. But I had way more things to get done today.(As per usual).

  • Black Jeans:
Image by Marcela Arroyo fashion, outfit, and style image
I usually wear a black or a dark blue jean. I have others I really love, but I've lost a few kg lately. So a lot of my jeans don't fit perfectly anymore.
  • Black boots:
style, fashion, and outfit image fashion, shoes, and jeans image
In winter time, I only wear my black boots. I have one in particular which just makes me feel good( no reason why).
  • Long Sleeved T-shirt
fashion, outfit, and style image outfit image
I don't wear any short-sleeved T-shirts if it cold. I start to feel cold pretty easily so I've to wear long-sleeved T-shirts. And I don't mind it because I like them more than short ones.
  • Hoodie
fashion, style, and outfit image cry baby, hoodie, and style image
I really love Hoodies. But who doesn't? It is just a must have for me especially this time of the year.
  • Scarf
autumn, fall, and sweater image fashion, outfit, and style image
I started to wear scarfs again last year, and I can't handle but love. They just make my day-to-day outfit perfect.

That was all for today. I hope you enjoyed it.
I'll write tomorrow.
Until then,
Kisses and Bye,