“ι'м ιn love wιтн cιтιeѕ ι've never вeen тo and people ι've never мeт.”
― мelody тrυong

нello вeaυтιғυl people!

ι love тravellιng and goιng new placeѕ (noт тнaт ι've done тнaт мυcн oғ ιт) ѕo ι тнoυgнт ι ѕнoυld мaĸe a lιѕт oғ placeѕ ι wanт тo vιѕιт (wнen ι geт older) & placeѕ yoυ ѕнoυld deғιnιтely pυт ιn yoυr вυcĸeт lιѕт. ѕoмe мιgнт вe a вιт clιcнé вυт oн well.


new yorĸ, υѕa 🌆|

- times square, bright lights and Broadway shows
- i mean who wouldn't want to travel here ? literally everyone's dream

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ιтaly 🇮🇹|

- the landscape
- so many beautiful colors 🦋
- the closseum

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вora вora 🍃|

- so much green to it
- the clear water 🌊
- and the way it's built

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ғrance 🇫🇷|

- the eiffel tower
- the lights 💡
- the arc of triomphe

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нawaιι 🏝️|

- beautiful landscape
- weather
- the beaches

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so I could go on for ages, maybe I'll make a part two and I'm also considering making a "Places I've been"-article. i don't even know

anyway thanks for reading !
hope you have a wonderful day ahead ;)

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