He has recently deleted me from his heart but forgot to delete me completely from his recently deleted.

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When our world was functional, I gave my heart to him, promising that I would take it back someday quite farther than that day and wanted him to keep it devotedly.

#He was my heartkeeper.

Temporarily removed

Mesmerizing eager eyes, unforgettable tender touch, growling lust within...

He was like a lightening bolt.

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Only he can make my body collapse. He is the only one who can distract me from my reality.

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I leave behind my work when he comes. I die million times and then recover trillion times when I with him.

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He said he has been lost in my heart cave from the moment he saw me.
It was so cold to be there and the tinker wind was blowing him with compassion and affection, though it was cold too. But he never wanted to go away, instead of that he set his own cave fire and heated himself.

And I...

I believed that I would never likely to take my heart back from him, fooling myself that that "someday" which I've ever mentioned would never come but...

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When our destination came, he never wanted to face the major ass obstacles and to live by the reality.

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Our love was an endless tragic sea which was made by the countless tear drops.

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But who ever made that tear?

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The tears have torn my heart and flowed through it.

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As he turns his back into an opposite direction, I lean over his shadow and dissolve down into his dark side then I suddenly feel that I'm fading softly away from his spiritual gratification.

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I piecemeal become his weakness but no longer his jolly.

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Being lost for while in a #forest of confusion, I grievously leave him behind.

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But I still have my desire to compassion his soft rosy cheek with my lips.

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I go back to him and give him the very last taste of my love.
It is bitter but irresistible. He knows it is too powerful than everything.

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Then I take back what was mine.

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Since I leave him, until I fade away...

He still clenches his hand.