We all have enemies and haters and sometimes we pray for God to remove them from our lives. But no matter how hard or long you pray BAM they are still there giving of their negative energy.

And we turn to God like "God I prayed for you to remove them, they do nothing but bring me down, wish bad things on me and curse me. Why can't you do this one thing I ask?"

But Psalms 23:5 says "you prepare a table before me in the presences of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows"

God didn't answer you because he wants to use you to show your enemies and haters that you are his child so no matter how much wicked they do you, you will always rise on top and your cup will always overflow. So while they sit talking you down you are being blessed more and more and getting to were you want to be showing them that you don't need to drop to their level and you don't need to throw stones at them to get higher than them.

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