Our Journey Around the Sun

Started with snow

On the cold days of January

When I was alone

You introduced yourself

With a heart melting smile

And we sailed into February

through inches, metres, and miles

Then spring arrived with March

As dandelions swept our lands

We created our little world

Together, hand in hand

Easter came

And you had to go

I waited through April

For you to come home

It was already late May

When you finally returned

We spent days at the beach

With matching sunburns

But when June arrived

You had to leave once more

My heart slouched and crumbled

As you walked out the door

July was so lonely

Just me and our memories

Of your sarcastic jokes

Delivered so cleverly

In August, we reunited

Out of nowhere I guess

But I was so happy

With you, I was blessed

It was September when I saw

That you weren't really there

Physically, your body was

But your mind was elsewhere

I tried to figure it out

All through October

So you grew more distant

I felt more sober

Who was this boy

With his heartbreaking grin?

It took all the November nights

To see the lies I believed in

December arrived

With Christmas cheer

And you were off and away

When some other girl appeared

A Journey around the sun

Is what it took

For me to realize

That you weren't what you looked

And now it'll take me

A whole other trip

To get over that smile

And to get a grip