In this article a challenge !! namely the this or that challenge. enjoy reading!!
winter or summer

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I love the winter because of the winter sports, but I love the summer a bit more!

bath or shower

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the shower is very nice, but the bath is super relaxed and you can read or drink something, so I choose the bath

cake or pie

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I think I'm going for the pie, because this is sooooo nice and you all have different types and tastes!

dress or skirt

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dress, because they are very nice in the summer and easy to style

Dog or cat

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I think I am more of a cat person, but I also like puppies

day at the beach or hiking

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walking is fun in a beautiful nature, but I prefer to go to the beach, sunbathe and swim

earrings or rings

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earrings!!! but i also wear rings

heels or sneakers

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definitely sneakers! but i sometimes wear heels

pink or green

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coffee or tea

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tea, but some kinds of coffee are my favorite!

vacation in Europe of America

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Europe! but i definitely want to go to America once

wavy or straight hair

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wavy, you can easily style your hair with this hair
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