Hello again, beautiful hearters! I hope you're having an amazing week <3 Today I'm back with another article, this time I will show you the tatoos and piercings I want to get.
Let's start!


I love tattoos and I'd like to get big and colorful tattoos but I know I'd like them for a while and then I'd get tired. So I'm just gonna stick to the simplier ones. (I'll get fake big tattoos to satisfy my love for full tattoed bodies lol)

1. Here, now

I realy like this tattoo, This would be a reminder for me to live in the present, enjoy what I have now and enjoy my current season. It would also remind me that God is always here and now, he has control of everything so I don't have to worry.

aesthetic, here, and ink image
I would get something similar or with a different typo on the side of my wrist. It's the title of a song that I love ("Here Now" by Hillsong)

2. Birthplace Coordinates

I think this is a really cool idea. I would get a tattoo of my birthplace's coordinates on my leg (or antoher part of my body).

aesthetics, ink, and tattoo image

3. Viking chevron

This symbol means "Create your own reality". It has a strong meaning for me, we create our reality and we have the power to change our reality.

aesthetic, create, and reality image
I would get this on the outside of my side wrist.

4. Create yourself

This has the same meaning as the tattoo #3. I strongly believe that everything that happens to us during our lives shapes us, but at the same time I also believe that we can create ourselves, we can work on ourselves to be better and to improve every day.

tattoo, shoes, and create image
I'm not sure if I want to get this on the back of my ankles, maybe I will get it tattoed on the back of my upper arms.

5.Enjoy the journey

This is something that one of my teachers said when I was in high school, I will never forget it. He told us that we had to enjoy the journey (in that case high school was our journey) instead of just wanting to get our diploma and leave. Now that I graduated I understand what he said, the journey is more important the destination/goal. All the things that I learned while I was in high school, all the experiences I lived, all the people I met have shaped me into who I am today and have made me grow as a person.
This tattoo will be a huge reminder of all my journeys and it will remind me to focus on the journey and enjoy it instead of wanting it to end.

tattoo, quotes, and enjoy image
I don't know where I would get this, but I would probably get it on my arm.

6. Symbols

The first one means: "There is hope. Should oceans rise and mountains fall, He never fails." The second one means: "God is greater than the highs and the lows."
A reminder of how God is always there, he's stronger than my problems and he can work even in the middle of a storm.

aesthetic, god, and symbol image aesthetic, god, and symbol image
1. I would get this on my forearm. 2. I would get this on my ankle.

7. French words/quotes

In honour of the first language I spoke I would like to get some words or quotes in french. For example: "Rêveuse" (dreamer), "Chérie" (sweetheart), "C'est la vie" (that's life), "Maintenant ou jamais" (now or never) and "Je m'en fous" (I don't give a f*/ I don't care).

french, quote, and tattoo image

8. Year of birth

I would like to get a tattoo of my year of birth or my partner's year of birth (or both hahah), black ink or red ink.

Mature image tattoo and aesthetic image

9. Relationship

I don't know yet but I'd like to get a tattoo related to my partner and our relationship. I like this minimalistic geometrical tattoo that represents a kiss, I'd like to get a tattoo of the date we started dating or our ship name under my boob.

tattoo and love image
This is so funny, I'm here thinking of "couples tattoos" but I'm extremely single.

10. Kid's names

Mature image
Red ink tattoo of my children's names.

11. Gazelle & Panther

Instead of a deer I would get a gazelle, I would also get a panther but in color and not black and white.

Image by Taby aesthetic, black panther, and goals image



I don't really like piercings but I would get ear piercings.


blond, blondie, and diamonds image


piercing, earrings, and black and white image


Hope you enjoyed this! See you in the next one <3