I see the red lace
Thoughtfully I strocke above the pattern
The touch makes me feel sick
It is like all the memories, all that feelings
Were kept in this piece of underwear

But only the hurtfull, the dark ones
I still remember the day I buyed this
And I remember my hopes and daydreams
About how you would take this off of my body
But this is not a love quote

This is just a broken girl
Sitting on her bedroom floor
While cleaning up her closet
Stumbling above old memories
And tasting the bitter past

One last time
I think about how bad you treated me
And how you made me feel about myself
But something has changed
Now – Without you
I found myself

I don´t need lace or silk
Or a man
To feel loved or beautiful
Because now
I love myself

My english isn't that good, sorry fot that. But the words just flew out of me, as I found this old corsage.
I hope you liked it.