To create an outfit - extraordinary or not - you need some basics. It can help to know if you are more likely to dress in darker or in light shades. Also with several accssessories you can dress your outfit up or down easily.

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* Denim Jeans
* Ripped Jeans
* Sneakers
* Sweater
* Plain shirt


You don´t want to look like everybody else, do you? So get yourself some fancy, crazy clothing pieces and combine them with the basics. Your outfit will be something special every day.

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image
* Graphic tee / Band shirt
* Plaid dress
* Blazer
* Overall
* Striped pants


Now let´s put an outfit together. Try to pick about 2/3 out of the basic stuff and 1/3 of non-basic pieces. It´s easiest to first check on the colors. They should fit together (or not, if that´s your intention). Next you need to make your clothing fit the season (for example wear a sweater under your dress in autumn). Add some accessories, a pair of shoes fitting the occasion and set off.


In this perfectly looking outfit you could slay every catwalk (or the hallway of ya school). So finally, here are some of my fav outfits combined out of the pieces mentioned above :)

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checkered overal | white sweater | black sneakers
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checkered dress | plain shirt | white snaekers
autumn, bags, and blazer image
denim jeans | white sweater | oversized blazer
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denim overall | brown sweater | beige sneakers
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ripped jeans | band shirt | jeans jacket | black sneakers
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striped pants | band shirt | black vans
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band shirt | jeans jacket | white sneakers

hope you liked reading this article :)

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