Hey Ya'll! So today I had my first date (I'm in grade 10) and it went smooth! Actually... I'm pretty sure I messed it all up. So here's some things I messed up on.

Disclaimer It's okay to be nervous on dates! , I'm just making this for fun because I'm feeling pretty embarrassed right now haha. Enjoy!

1. Tell him/her about your family issues.

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sigh he asked me what my mom does for work and I said "Oh I don't see my mom anymore." and he just stared at me omg aHHH.

2. Tell him/her that you're boring.

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I was trying to be honest and quirky but then I realized that hes a school and sport lover. Could I be anymore embarrassing??

3. Tell him you know absolutely nothing about his favorite sport.

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I mean, at least I was being honest??

4. tell him/her that you know how to ICE SKATE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DONT

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bro I thought it was going to be cute and that he would hold onto me (which he did but still) but I was so BAD that he wasn't even jokingly laughing it was just sad I had some people come up to use and try to teach me we ended up leaving and going to food im crying lmao.

5. Ask him how many girls/guys he's/she's dated in the past.

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sigh I can't even explain why I asked this. I was like "oh I can't ask you this question nevermind haha" and he's like "Oh no ask me its fine." so I asked him how many dates hes been on and boy it was weird.

Okay, So I think that's all. Anyway guys he was super nice :( I was nervous and I told him that straight away. I was a little intimidated because hes a year older and a whole foot taller than me, but I did have fun and we laughed a bunch of times. Please everyone remember that mistakes and mess up happens. You just should identify why you're nervous and why its awkward. For me, It's awkward because the whole time I was afraid I was going to mess it all up.

But anyway, thank you guys for reading and I hope if you have a date soon it all works out. If it doesn't, then remember that this is a great learning experience! <3