hi, i hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as i do 🌹💛

red velvet - hear the sea

anime, pretty, and red image
today’s weather keeps calling you out, making me miss you,,

twice - melting

gif, say i love you, and sukitte ii na yo image
'stay with me a little more' i wanted to say but i couldn’t,,

oh my girl - magic

anime, pretty, and cute image
when we’re about to hold hands, don’t hesitate, hurry and hold me tight,,

bol4 - to my youth

aesthetic, gif, and anime aesthetic image
the whole world seemed so dark and i cried every night, will i feel better if i just disappeared?,,

iu - through the night

anime, gif, and aesthetic image
if only we could be together right now, how nice would it be,,

mamamoo - spring fever

gif image
how much longer do i have to be lonely? i feel anxious for no reason,,

clc - seventh

anime, kawaii, and Otaku image
you’re the reason why, you make me smile,,

hyuna - babe

crush, gif, and screen capture image
why do you treat -me like a baby, so softly? i can’t figure out how old i am in front of you,,

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p/s: i do not own none of this gifs, credits to owners.