name: aurora stark
superhero alias: phoenix
dob: 20 september, 1992 (new york, new york)


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an underestimated type of beauty that gets covered up by the sarcastic remarks and scientific vocabulary.

origin story

background: in september of 1992, aurora was born to the world by a woman named sarah heins. she was married, and had convinced her husband that aurora was his child. but, she wasn't. in mid-december 1991, a young tony stark hd been going through a hard time due to the recent death of his parents. because of this, he had slipped up one night and got caught up in the world of a married women.

a few years on, sarah had told her husband the truth and he left her. she then became ashamed of what she had done and left new york, leaving aurora in the care of a nanny at the age of six. tony hadn't thought anything of sarah for sixteen years, he had forgotten about her completely until a certain phil coulson brought aurora to his attention.

aurora had been living in a small apartment that was left from her mother somewhere on staten island when she stumbled upon a special power. in 2008, aurora had been walking home from a nearby park late at night when an electrical storm came out of no where (hence the end of iron man.)

she had been struck with a bolt of lightning, but nothing happened. she continued her walk on home without a scratch. when she arrived home and flicked on a light, it didn't come on. she tried again a few times and became frustrated at the fact that her invisible mom had not paid the electrical bill. due to the anger, the entire house sparked to life because of the energy she had been radiating. SHIELD had already been watching her because of her high iq score. since coulson had been keeping an eye that particular night, she had a long destiny to fill.

aurora had developed an impulse to know more about astronomy after her incident, mainly being caught up in the world of electrical currents in the sky. in 2011, this brings her to a study in new mexico. (takes the role of jane foster).


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ability to control electrical currents, including magnetic poles. could kill someone without having to even think about it by just snapping off their energy flow. can't die, because of the infinite electrical flow.

after being taken in by tony stark, aurora dropped out of high school since tony believed that she would learn more by helping him in the lab. due to the fact that her powers had a control of energy, every time that they were used they would drain her. because of this tony had made her an arc reactor necklace that would stop that from happening.

aurora is on the list of avengers, with being coded as a highly intelligent being with superhuman powers.


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could easily be mistaken for her father, just with more self-deprecating humor and optimism thrown in


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fell in love the second she saw him, he was the thunder and she was the lightning

thor was able to grow on her in a way that no one had ever been able to, get her to share her secrets and emotions. it was uncharted territory for anyone except him.


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pepper potts, peter parker, happy hogan, and tony stark

pepper's the mom she never had, alongside happy who will always happy be her taxi driver to fifth avenue anytime. and peter parker is the younger brother she has always wanted. to aurora, tony is the best parental figure anyone could ever ask for.