Hello there,

This will be a very quick article because lately I've had no free time for myself (because of college), but I really need to take a moment to focus on my happiness too and I want to organize the things that will help me enjoy life.
Also, I miss writing, and I thought it was a good idea to tell you a bit of what I do for fun at the end of each semester.

Heres goes!

1. Watch a Christmas movie marathon

There is nothing I enjoy more than being on a cozy bed with my sister by my side watching our favorite movies.

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2. Bake and decorate cookies

This is something that I do with my sister as well. It is so fun! Plus, you get to give your friends a cute, heart-warming present made by yourself.

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3. Paint

Okay, so this is something that you can do any time of the year, but on late November and December, when you are on your home having a nice afternoon, painting is so relaxing.

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4. Write

This is something you can do always as well, but somehow when the new year is about to begin, I feel more inspired somehow. I don't really know why but during this time of the year I feel an impulse to create good things -new, different, beautiful things.

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5. Having a nail art day

I absolutely love painting my nails (you can check out my designs on Instagram: @nats.nail.art or on the link bellow), and this year I want to create cute Christmas designs. It makes me feel so excited and inspired!


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6. Decorating the house

Of course this is essential. My family and I live in a cold zone surrounded by forest, so the Christmas decorations always make everything look pretty. My sis and I usually spend an entire day making DIY decorations while we listen to a Christmas playlist, and it´s the best feeling in the world.

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7. Making sweaters for our pets

I have one dog and three cats, so we usually make sweaters and winter clothing for all of them. It is really entertaining and cute, plus, they'll fell warm.

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8. Night for telling secrets

I love having sleepovers with my friends where we just stay warm in bed, with a very faint light on, making confessions, telling secrets and just talking about profound things in life (We usually do this after the movie marathon).

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9. Exchange of gifts

My mom, my dad, my sis and I have this tradition of making a list of things we want as a gift and exchanging them. Its so much fun.

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10. Buying cool sweaters on sale

Its always cool to visit different outlets, searching for the perfect sweater -and other winter clothes.

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11. Karaoke night

This is an old fashioned tradition that I also love. My family and I place a big screen in the living room and we sing to all of our favorite songs.

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12. Packing for the vacations

Not gonna lie, I usually prepare my suitcase the night before going out, but before that I keep in mind what I would like to wear and I start planning cool outfits.

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13. Spa night

Well, maybe the word "spa" is a bit exaggerated, but I do like to have a night to take care of my self. I do my nails, epilate and put on face masks. Also I use a very good hair treatment and moisturizing cream all over. It´s so relaxing.

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14. Christmas dinner with friends

This is one of the things I enjoy the most. We all gather together in a house, and everyone brings a bit of food (whatever they want), and we just spend the night chilling and chatting.

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15. Going to a Christmas concert (or to a "Pastorela")

Christmas carols are the best! My family and I usually go to at least one of this concerts, and we also go to pastorelas, which is a mexican tradition that consists of a play accompanied by traditional music.

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AND IN GENERAL: Being free

As a conclusion, I would like to say that what I love the most about this time of year is that feeling of freedom, happiness, hope and joy. I know this sounds like a cliché, but the truth is that during this period of time I feel like I can do anything I want and that everything will end up being okay.
Maybe it is because it´s the time when I have no responsibilities but to enjoy time, or maybe it´s because time seems endless, I don't know, but I enjoy it... plenty.

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And that's it. Bye for now, my friends! I hope you have a merry Christmas and that you are happy.

Till next time,