Human beings have advanced and evolved in every possible way; We have created new technology, created new machines that make our lives easier and, in particular, we have created concepts that in some cases can cause controversy among different opinions. One of those concepts is destiny; fate itself can be defined as something inevitable and irreplaceable, can not be changed and will remain so until our end comes, where we guide human life.

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Many people believe in it as there are many that do not, personally I do not believe in it and here is why:
Our life is based on the decisions we make and the consequences they entail, so doing or not doing something can greatly change our future, if a destination existed it would be in constant change. I am one of those people who is against sitting down, witnessing something that you do not like but not doing anything to improve it. If your life is wrong you can make decisions or leave them to improve but you can not sit and just watch because "fate will fix everything", you have to do something because otherwise you would live impotently all your life.
Everything is based on decisions, if you decide to be with that person or not, if you decide to leave or not, everything can hang on a thread and it is your job that does not break and lose the balance of your own life. You write what you want to manage.