hey guys today i am going to be talking about how to get a job as a teenager if you want to have some extra money/work experience for the future.

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1. decide what kind of job you want: fast food, retail, childcare, landscaping, photography, modeling,pet grooming etc..

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2. make a list of the places that you want to apply/ make a plan for starting babysitting or lawn care.

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3. make a resume (you can find a simple template online and just fill in the blanks) or flyers for your own business. remember to include your phone number and email. also never lie about having experience or skills because your boss will find out.

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4. apply to more than one place. go into the place to pick up a resume in person and ask to speak to the manager about a position or most places will have you fill out an application online.

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5. when you go to an interview take a copy of your resume, talk clearly and confidently, just be yourself and let your personality show, be sure to ask questions about what the job would entail and the pay.

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6. show up to work early, be nice and having a smile will make you more approachable

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I hope that you found these tips useful. i have had 2 different jobs now and they worked for both. also don't be upset if the first place you apply doesn't hire you just keep looking!