if you see her, LANY

can i be him, james arthur

surrender, natalie taylor

leave your lover, sam smith

what i need, hayley kiyoko and kehlani

jump, julia michaels and trippie redd

i know a place, MUNA

on my mind (acoustic), jorja smith and preditah

a drop in the ocean, ron pope

act like you love me, shawn mendes

i choose you, kiana ledé

pussy is god, king princess

don't you remember, adele

if you're gonna leave, plvtinum

fOoL fOr YoU, ZAYN

reflections, the neighbourhood

i still wait for you, XYLØ

heaven, julia michaels

sorry, halsey

guys my age, hey violet

one and only, adele

i'm a mess without you (acoustic), maribelle

run and hide, sabrina carpenter

nothing left for you, sam smith

i'm not calling you a liar, florence + the machine

without me, halsey

thank u, next, ariana grande

lend me your love, preston hutto

stupid for you, waterparks