Right now, I'm working as a nanny to an infant so comfort is top priority, but some days I want to feel a little dressy. All of the outfits below are ones that I'd wear to work when I wanted to lose the t-shirt, or even just to go out and about with my friends. I hope they inspire you too!

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Typically, I put my hair up in a bun or ponytail but I'm trying to mix it up and add some variety. Having it up and out of my face is still important because of little hands!

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These are my "go to" up do
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Looks to work on until i work up the nerve to cut my hair short
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This is the length I want to cut my hair to so I don't have to put it up all the time


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That's all I've got for today! I hope you've enjoyed and get inspired to create your own work casual outfits that make you feel super cute!

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