Hey y'all! Whew I have not been active on here in so long. Anyways, I haven't seen any of these articles yet but I'm a senior in high school and right now is peak college application season. So, I thought I'd share where I'm applying! Maybe in May there will be an article out about where I was accepted/denied to and where I will be going ;) stay tuned.

In no particular order...

Furman University
Location: Greenville, SC

education, campus, and college image furman university image

Auburn University
Location: Auburn, AL

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Clemson University
Location: Clemson, SC

clemson university image clemson university, campus, and college image

College of Charleston
Location: Charleston, SC

college of charleston image CofC image

University of Mississippi
Location: Oxford, MS

ole miss image ole miss image

Mercer University
Location: Macon, GA

mercer university image mercer university image

Belmont University
Location: Nashville, TN

belmont university image belmont university image

Birmingham Southern College
Location: Birmingham, AL

bsc image bsc image

University of South Carolina
Location: Columbia, SC

usc image usc image

Georgia College
Location: Milledgeville, GA

gcsu image gcsu image

And there you have it! So as you can tell, I am applying to 10 schools, which may be a lot for some and small for some others but it's just right for me. Also, all my schools are in the south. I am from Atlanta, GA and I currently go to boarding school in NH so after 3 years living in the North, I know I have to go back to the south.

As for backups, targets, and reaches, I have about 2 back ups, 2.5 reaches, and the rest targets. I say 2.5 because one of these schools is in between a target and reach.

And lastly, you may be wondering which colleges I like the most out of these and I'm not going to rank them or anything. I will tell you my top 5 in no particular order: College of Charleston, Auburn University, Furman University, Belmont University, and Clemson University.

What I want to major in: I have NO clue. For most schools I put undecided, some I put communications. A few schools asked about minors and I put environmental studies.

Thank you for reading! I would love to know what schools you go to, are applying to, or want to apply to! Have a lovely day xoxo