To All the Boys _I_ Love
This is a part of an article series I'm trying out, that will consist of what I idealize about a boy. There will be various representations of what boys I find attractive and certain aesthetics I prefer.

Song Inspiration = Can We Talk- Tevin Campbell


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Arin Ray, Broderick Hunter, Taylor Kae Knott & Luka Shabbat. These individuals have their own unique features and characteristics that I am drawn to. Arin has an alluring aura in which I feel in his music. His smile is also very boyish and I adore his casual next-door nieighbour style. Broderick has a handsome face and physique to match, he is the perfect faceclaim for the typical attractive, athletic-looking male. I particularly like Taylor's freckles, I think they are what makes Taylor appealing, in my opinion. Lastly Luka, I don't agree with certain people he chooses to associate himself with, each their own. Luka gives me a laidback, chill vibe, and very knowledgeable about social issues. He could be very book smart, yet is nonchalant about his intelligence. His style is intriguing too.


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I have a thing for noses and ears, it's not something I can explain. Back muscles ease me and give me a sense of security. A set of grills are a fine finish to a neat smile matched with full lips. I'm a softie for big hands, especially when they are warm to contrast my constant cold ones.


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I'm really into the whole 90's-eque drip, open shirts. Jewellery lets me know you care about the finer details, so I love it when a guy wears rings and a few chains as his trademark. Also, quirky and different stylings of items such as the bucket hat, lets me know that if a guy has a personality or is creative.


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