First things first remember it doesn't grow in 1 night. Really, it will take a while before your hair gets longer. Each month your hair grows about 1 centimeter - so that's 12 centimeters a year! And that's only if it is super healthy and you do not have split ends. To make a long story short: patience is a good thing.

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Patience is a good thing.

Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. You style, blow-dry and color your hair and after a while it becomes thinner at the bottom. Conditioner protects your hair and helps you to restore hair. So you can grow your hair longer and it looks healthier by conditioner

Don't wash your hair every time you take a shower
Skipping your conditioner is the worst thing you can do to your hair - especially if you want to grow it for a long time. Actually you can better skip washing your hair with shampoo as much as possible. Why? the purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt and ensure that products don't stick in your hair, but it can also remove essential natural oils that keep your hair healthy. So use the shampoo only for in your hair roots and let it flow over the rest of your locks during rinsing, so that it removes dirt there.

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Skipping your conditioner is the worst thing you can do

Dump your cotton pillowcase
Go for satin. Why? It's soft and doesn't cause friction with your hair. So you wake up with less tangles in your locks. Who wouldn't want that?

Don't use a black towel
What's so bad about wrapping your hair in a super soft towel? Well A lot!. It can cause your hair to break down. Your hair is caught in the woven fibers and because most women wrap the towel too tight around their faces, can usually break the small new hairs often. Go for a super thin and soft microfiber towel, which is okay to use as a turban.

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Who wouldn't want that?

Treat your hair weekly with oil or a hair mask
If your hair touches your shoulders or even passes by, it needs more love and attention than normal conditioner. A weekly moisturizing mask or oil can do wonders. Apply the oil before you wash your hair and your hair is extra well taken care of.

The scissor is your best friend
It is recommended to go to the hairdresser every 10 to 12 weeks and to cut about half a centimeter at a time so that your hair ends stay beautiful. Although a regular haircut doesn't actually let your hair grow faster, your making sure that your hair keeps a healthy look and does not split your split ends any more.

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Go to the hairdresser every 10 to 12 weeks.

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