People still judge a book by its cover, so projecting the right appearance from the start is crucial - there's almost never a second chance! The goals is not necessarily to look as attractive as possible, although you will want to shoot for a pleasing "look". If your appearance is attractive but not businesslike, you can end up making the wrong impression. The idea is to gain your prospects' trust, to that end a business like appearance will get you farther than a superficially attractive one.

In business situation, trustworthiness is based on several factors. People are inclined to trust people who are ethical, organized, knowledgeable and reliable. Those are the qualities you must apply and show in your overall appearance.

You body language also matters a great deal too. Simple things like sitting up straight, making regular but not excessive eye contact, and shaking hands firmly can make a huge difference in how others percieve you. Ideally, you want to convey an impression of confidence and competence without coming across as being arrogant or overly assertive.

Below I would put some pictures as example for male and female outfits (think wise and decide what would suit you perfectly because not everything suits everyone!):

• Good shirt is must, tidy tie which suits your whole outfit, and belt matching with your shoes.

man, classy, and fashion image man, outfit, and style image man, suit, and style image beauty, blue, and boss image

• Proper suit, mostly black, sometimes grey or dark blue, but black is black! Nothing can beat it when we speak about business look.

man, suit, and black image suit, men, and boy image

• Watch is must! Take care when you are choosing it, it must suit you well...

watch, luxury, and man image luxury, man, and style image

• Aaaand, how should whole outfit look like for a male:

man and cute image

• Now for the ladies, suitable blazer...

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, chanel, and bag image fashion, style, and bag image fashion, style, and outfit image

• Right heels height and as simple as possible (especially closed toe pump heels), like...

shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, shoes, and black image accessories, beauty, and beige image shoes, fashion, and heels image

• Watch of course, same as for the males, without watch outfit is incompleted, belt, sunglasses too!

style, fashion, and beauty image gucci, fashion, and belt image fashion, sunglasses, and chanel image white, fashion, and watch image

• Example of how should whole outfit look like:

fashion, style, and girl image

Okay ladies and gentlemen, stay classy and bossy, and of course don't forget to check out my articles collection and some of articles you would could apply to your everyday life...Kisses for all!

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