Hi! I'm Victoria Kennny.
This is my first post so it'll probably be hideous :)
Today I wanted to talk about 2019 fashion trends. You must probaby know some of them, but if you are living in a cavern like me, this'll be of great help.
Let's start!

1. Bike shorts♥

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yes, regrettable

2. Burberry♥

Burberry, famous, and fashion image

3. Pointy sock boots♥

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I personally don't like this trend, but who the fuck am I

4. Denim+ denim♥

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You need to know how to combine the demin if you opt for different colors, otherwise it can also be the same demin

5. Lavender♥(so pretty, pls wear it)

chic, fashion, and gucci image
Just wearing this amazing color, your outfit can take a different way. Adorable

6. Big earrings♥

vanessa hudgens, girl, and actress image
Yes! big earrings are the protagonist this year , make sure to not wear jazzy rings and necklaces

7. Natural Makeup

blue eyes, celebrities, and eyebrow image
bye bye contouring!

So that was all, thanks for reading! Besos!