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it's me again.

there's been a lot on my mind lately. i'm not a romantic and i don't believe in love at first sight.

but i have come to believe in the process and action of possibly falling in love.

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i have also come to the understand the moment when you just see everything you've ever wanted standing in front of you.
i cannot tell you what made me realize it.. i'm not sure if it was just something he said or if it was just a moment where i could not imagine him not being in my life.

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i'm trying not to be cliche and say it could've been his smile or his laugh or the way he would talk slightly quicker when something excited him...... be it might've been.

i have always been 'the friend' to guys.. i understand them and get along with some of my guy friends better than with my girls.

but for some reason he was just slightly different.

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we would start of speaking by saying hi and then maybe talk about what we found good or bad about the day.. and then suddenly he would be talking the tough times he'd been going through recently and how he'd kept it in and not told anyone.

and then he cried.

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and he told me that he wanted to speak to me and just talk and talk and asked if i would be there for him and listen to him.

and i quote "i hope this means as much to you as it does to me or this is gonna get weird".

and damn.. did it mean everything to me.

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we are bizarre.

and i love it.

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i don't know if this is love but it sure feels good.

the feeling cannot be described but it feels similar to being totally and utterly content and feeling as though anything and everything will be alright so long as that person is with you.

but i'm young.. there's always time.

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this is the journey of a depressed little girl that loves the stars.

byeee x