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Greetings beautiful people!

I am back!

I have been through awfully a lot past few days.

And I had the need to put something on paper...

...even if it is on the screen xD

One girl that is on college with me said that she loved it more when I wrote things in the style of short stories, not just articles.

I had also seen that my Confessions of a broken heart made quite an impression on you guys and thank you all for your support.

So here goes one similar piece.

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I told you how I feel.
You said you are not ready to be with someone.
And I understood that.
Whatsoever, I didn`t want to lose what we had so far, so I explained you that I wasn`t into anything serious.
Not yet.
I wanted just to lay my cards on the table, let you know that you don`t have to look far if you want to have someone by your side.
But what you said surprised me – took me so unexpectedly.
You said you were aware of that – of my likings for you.
And then you said you don`t want anything serious.
Why were you stalling me then?
If you don`t feel for me these sympathies I feel for you; why were you running in my direction every time I called?
Why did you give me false hope if you were aware? If you knew?
Why did you do that?
You say you understand me, but oh sweetheart, you don`t.
And you won`t, not before you clear things out with yourself.
Because, if you did, then neither one of us would be up all night, thinking about the other but being too prideful to do something.
And yes, I am taking blame partly on myself, even though it is your turn to lay the cards on the table.
Will you do it?
Or you are going to keep us both burning in the fire of ignorance – I can take it.
Question is, can you?
And even if you can, you should think about whether I will still be there – because I am done with waiting for love to knock on my door.
Beware; when you become ready for me, I might be over you.
Love will come with time, but we are running out of it.
If I don`t love you, then why can`t I get you out of my head; why am I so agitated, why my heart trembles?
If you don`t love me, why do you come when I call, why do you talk to me like that, telling me good and bad?
If we don`t love each other, then why do we feel comfortable being together in public, why do we smile at each other so tenderly, why do we keep looking each other as we share something only ours?
See, you don`t understand.
I made my move, it`s your turn babe.
So be quick,
Before time gives us chess-mate!
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I hope you enjoyed it, perhaps learned something from it.

Remember; if you like, love or are in love with someone – tell them, it is a risk, but is worth it.

It is worth, both happiness and sufferings.

Because I believe love will win in the end.

That is what we live for, right?

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In case you have comments, suggestions or questions – you know where the message button is.

That`s all folks!

`Till the next time,
Yours truly,