Hey there beauties! Today, I’m here with my 3rd article in my #BecomingAGirlBossSeries. I’ll leave a link to this series at the end of this article.

Today, I’m going to be giving tips on how to create your perfect girlboss style!

So, where better to start than the first tip?

✿ Find style icons

This is a pretty basic tip, but it helps! Something I like doing, is going on the LikeToKnowIt instagram page, and look for outfits I like. I’ll normally then look at the models page (they’re normally always fashion/lifestyle blogger or influencer and always tagged!) and give them a follow!

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✿ Create a fashion collection

Well, this We Heart It, after all! Fashion collections are super fun to keep, you can just add pictures of what inspires you. Here’s mine:

✿ Asses your current wardrobe

Assess your current favourite pieces, and see if they all have something in common. Now, you may have an idea of a particular design/style you like when looking at clothes.

✿ Accessorize!

Make the most of your accessories! Trust me, they can turn a nice outfit into an absolutely stunning one!

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✿ Mix and Match!

Don’t just associate one top for example, with a certain skirt, match it with other things! I am very guilty of this, so I’m working on this tip a lot!

✿ Organise your wardrobe

An organised wardrobe is an organised life! Ok, maybe that's not completely true, but it's still helpful. I was thinking of doing a ‘wardrobe organisation tips’ article, so let me know if you would like to see one.

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✿ Have goals and confidence

If you love wearing pink (same!) but its not ‘cool’ at your school or work, learn to not care about what others think. Make it a goal, to slowly add a bit of pink to your, outfits, till you’re pink from head to toe! I know this is a bit of a silly example, but it does showcase the main point; you can wear what you want!

However, if you never wear anything other than pink, maybe make it a goal to introduce some new colours to you style. Of course, these goals will vary from vary from person to person, so see what you’ll aim for!

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✿ Find personal essentials

Some people think white tank tops are essentials, others long flowy dresses. Pick out 3-5 of your fashion essentials, and try to see what they say about your personal style

✿ Research different styles

Try looking at different styles; its ok to be a bit of everything! My personal style is bright and girly, however I definitely wear different genres too! For example, you may find bohemian style to extra and bright, but love the aspect of cute fringey jackets they have; its most likely you’ll find positives and negatives in all styles you come across, so see what they are!

✿ Be happy

Don’t suffer in heels, when you’d rather wear flip flops, Don’t wear crop tops when your self conscious of your shape. BE YOU! If you take away one thing from this post (although hopefully you’ll take away more!) take away the fact that style varies HUGELY from person to person; love your style, even if others don’t!

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Well, that’s all I have for you stunners! I’ve given you my top 10 tips, and I really hope you found them helpful. This article has a lot of time and effort inside it, and I’m hoping that it can help influence some of your styles!

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